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For every bride and groom, their wedding needs to be one of kind. A day to celebrate their love in their own unique way and a chance to make an ordinary day, extraordinary. Be it cruising during a sundowner or partying on sand dunes, be it spending your honeymoon on a remote island or tying the knot on a hill top while gazing the stars, we are here to make that happen for you. So get ready to go on a romantic adventure!

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Décor is all about stitching together the fine details to create a place that you always wanted to be married in. Everything from tiny candles to enchanting chandeliers matter when you want to make it look like a page from a fairy tale. So go ahead, put your requests on the table, sit back and let us carefully design your special day with utmost perfection.

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While we are moving into a post-pandemic world, it is very important to take necessary safety precautions while organizing a wedding. We constantly update ourselves with the Government’s latest Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to maintain a safe environment for everyone. Our staff and vendors are well trained to follow these protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and also ensure a safe yet memorable wedding for all.

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You know what makes weddings extra special? It’s because on that day, you are surrounded by your loved ones, weaving beautiful memories that will last forever in your hearts. We take utmost pleasure in going that extra mile to put together a glorious wedding without you going through the hassle. Leave it to us experts to manage everything so that you can have a great time at the wedding. We are sure that your guests will surely remember the day for the warm experiences and pleasant time they had at the wedding, with a smile on their face.

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No wedding is complete without the fun attached to it. Be it your talented cousin performing in front of an audience or your aunts surprising you with striking dance moves, it is these memories that fills a wedding with cherishing moments. Want to get a celebrity to rock a private performance? You got it. Want a special choreographer to add magic to your dance moves? You have it. And it doesn’t stop there. Whether you fancy a firework display, outdoor games for all or choreograph the perfect Sangeet night, we are here to jazz up your nights and make sure everyone has a great time

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What good is a wedding if the guests and photographers don’t get to the destination on time. Our Logistics team will make sure everything on your special day runs smoothly without you worrying about the hassle of getting everybody there. Right from booking the tickets, picking them up at the airport to finding comfortable accommodation for them, we are here to take care of everything. All you have to do is set the date and we will work with you to make ideal arrangements and see to it that everything at the wedding runs smoothly.

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Food & Beverage

Good food equals good mood. Nothing can put a smile on one’s face like a delicious plate of food does. Finding the perfect menu that caters to your taste, also keeping in mind your cultural background, is really hard to find. But not anymore.We are here to help you work with some of the best chefs and curate a tasteful menu that will leave the guests wanting for more.

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Invites & Stationaries

A wedding invite is as important as the wedding ceremony in itself. It’s the first announcement about your special day to your beloved guests and they should get a glimpse of your wedding day through your invite. From bright, vivacious designs to subtle, minimalist designs we are sure to suggest some gorgeous invites that will leave you and your guests spellbound.

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Vendor Management

It takes a lot of effort to plan the wedding of your dreams. And we need the perfect team to execute it to a T. We will bring in the right vendors that will best suit your needs and put together an event that will leave you spellbound. When you are on board, your troops is ours and ours yours.

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On your wedding day, every moment matters. There can be no rehearsal, no re-do, no retake. Right from the start to finish, to make every second perfect, we require the best hands to pull a great show. When it comes to co-ordination of such a significant day in your life, everything from your entry to playing the right songs for your first dance need to be on mark. That is why we have dedicated personnel to plan different occasions of your wedding perfectly so that you can witness an exemplary wedding with your loved ones.

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Go green! No doubt, a wedding can be a huge affair and so it is equally important to take informed decisions that help improve our society as a whole. The world is moving towards a sustainable lifestyle and so are weddings. We are more than thrilled to help you put together an eco-friendly wedding where even the small additions you make can make a big impact on your big day.

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Ceremony & Rituals

The rituals and ceremony are the backbone of a wedding. It symbolises the sacred union of two souls who are destined for each other and are now set to embark on their own journey. We understand how important these rituals hold to you and your family. We are ready to hear out all that is required to be done as per your customs to make sure they are an integral part of the ceremony on your special day

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