Frequently Asked Questions

Events & Wedding Experiences (EWE) is a full-fledged wedding planning company. This is
what we do, love, and enjoy every day!
When we first started planning weddings we thought it was all about creating a beautiful
design for the wedding, making it one of a kind. I now realize that while creating a beautiful
design for your wedding and making it one of a kind is important, the most valuable thing
that we do as wedding planners is make the planning process fun and relaxed for you, our
couples. We do the planning, budgeting, and coordinating so that you get to focus on the
exciting parts of designing your wedding like the food tasting & bar curation, Floral & Fabric
Sampling, trying on gorgeous wedding attires & Make up, and selecting the perfect planner.

Yes! The average couple (without a wedding planner) spends over 300 hours planning their
wedding. Much of that time is spent looking for vendors and then meeting with one after the
other until you find the perfect one. As wedding planners we have already done the
homework and have formed relationships with quality vendors. By getting to know you we
can then direct you to one or two vendors that match your personality as well as your budget.
This service alone will save you many hours. You can then use those hours to work (make
more money), spend with your fiancé, spend with your family, and more.

Yes, we actually work with quite a few couples across the country. We’ve had clients that
lived in Jaipur, Calcutta, Bangalore, Delhi, Ahmedabad, and even Siliguri & Guwahati.
We’ve also worked with international couples (we’ve had two living in Swiss) that have
celebrated their destination wedding in Mahabalipuram. And we ensure to put a face before
the process at that helps us to hit it off.

Yes, we love doing destination weddings and come in quite handy with our spreadsheets,
planning applications, Zoom Meetings, WhatsApp Groups & Conversations being connected
with you always. And our association with suppliers globally enables us to give you a value
added servicing right from Hotel to Decor, Technical to Artists, Logistics to Chartered.

We have curated some stunning destination weddings in Goa, Mussoorie, Jaisalmer & Global
Destinations like Oman, Thailand, Turkey. Look at our scope of services to plan your
destination wedding in India or Globally.

The most important aspect while we select a celebration we are working on is the experience
the families want us to deliver. It can be a wedding in a temple to taking vows in your
farmhouse. It’s not the scale but the magnitude and purpose behind the celebration which
makes us going. So don’t hold back to get in touch, as we offer one complimentary
consultation call .

We like to give in the best to all our couples in terms of creativity, budgeting & decision
making. Consciously trying to work to our full capability and restricting to one project at a
time and sometimes, we don’t tend to take projects closer to each another. We Plan about 15
Weddings throughout the year.

Definitely! I highly suggest you do your homework on me before we start working together.
You can check out our Love Notes. And of course check out our fabulous reviews
on Wedding Sutra and Wedding Bazaar! If you would like more info I can put you in touch
with some of our past clients.