Founder's Note

“We’re ready to bring the world for you but it’s your love that makes the wedding special.”

Right from the start, we at EWE are chasing one single goal: To make your wedding an unforgettable experience.

We believe that a wedding is not just about choosing a venue, filling the space with décor and posing in front of cameras. It is a day that marks the celebration of love. We are constantly stitching together tiny details, everlasting memories and heartfelt experiences in unison to bring two souls and families together that will share a special bond for the rest of their lives. A wedding is filled with loads of emotions, small moments of joy, a surge of excitement and an endless rain of love. So, go ahead, enjoy these moments and leave the stress of putting together a beautiful wedding to us.

After experiencing a variety of celebrations across the globe and orchestrating a range of events, products launches, awards functions and much more, the only question for me was – What’s next? EWE came to life to make wedding planning an experience that intends to curate every single moment together for the couple and the families.

There is a long checklist to fulfil to put together a beautiful wedding, and every single item in the list matters, we know that. It takes a lot of effort and hard work to bring harmony between every service and deliver the best. When the ‘Day’ comes, we know that there can’t be any retakes. Sleepless nights, running an infinite amount of errands at once and a regular dosage of RedBull is how our day goes to put together a wonderful experience for you. But when we see the beautiful relationships in front of our eyes enjoying their special day and celebrating love, it makes all our tiring effort worth our time and urges to push ourselves to keep doing more setting the bar higher for us and especially you.

Our Family

Nikhil Jetha
Chief Planner | Founder EWE

Having the best resources at your fingertips is what drives events towards success. Nikhil is your go-to guy if you are looking to have a flawless wedding. A meticulous planner and a perfectionist, Nikhil is always on board to make sure every single detail is present in the picture. He believes in celebrating every wedding he orchestrates, by being a planner, friend and family. So, leave your worries at your doorstep and trust the expert.

Saurabh Garg
Chief Planner | Founder EWE

Quite a talented hustler and a juggler of multiple roles, Saurabh is also a Co-Founder of over 4 startups, an author, a mentor and a great leader. He took our brand forward as an advisor, guided us and helped build who we are today. As much as he loves to capture various opportunities, it’s quite tough to capture him in front of a camera. So, if you are wondering why his photo isn’t up here, well you know now!​

Kriyanshu Singhi
Business Development

The pinnacle of Operations at EWE. Sharp and quick, Kriyanshu has a knack for handling business with finesse. There’s no stopping him when it comes to flawless execution!

Manish Kushwaha
Graphic Designer

Think Design! Think Manish! Day or night, he is our go to guy for anything creative. Design is his forte and he prides himself in paying attention to detail.

Hiren Sonawala
Project Lead

After curating weddings for some of the biggest celebrities (Priyanka & Nick, Karishma Tanna) Hiren now leads the front at EWE - Mumbai. We call him our Jugaadu master for his willingness to go to any extent to put together the finest wedding! With him on board, be assured perfection to the T.

Piyush Tiwari
Production Manager

With Piyush on board, no set is too big, no timeline is too tight. With a dash of wit & a flair for detailing, he is the secret ingredient that brings our vision to life.

Client Servicing

Her warm smile can make your day and it works a charm with your guests! From start to finish, every guest is ensured a seamless experience at your wedding! With Zahra, every guest of yours is a VVIP.

Vanshika Bhansali
Vendor Management

Vanshika has a knack for negotiation & eye for quality, with her every vendor relation is a win-win. So sit back, relax & let her do the heavy lifting.

This is who we are.
What we say may seem impossible until it’s done.
We are here to listen to you and deliver not what’s just best but what you really want!