Priyesh + Puja
About the couple

Meet Puja, the charming bride on the lookout for a Grand Palatial Celebration. She finds herself with the Love of her life, Priyesh who is a man of few words but doesn’t shy away from grand gestures for his ‘PU’.A love that shines as bright as the Sun was celebrated along the coast with manifestations to be married not just in this universe, but in every other multiverse, with the same person and surrounded by the same people.

‘Set the stage on fire’ they said, and so that’s exactly what we did!

The party kicked off with a welcome like no other. From fire acts & bubble shows to body paint & all you can drink Alcohol, it indeed was a LIT evening. The tone was set with an all white theme with every detail complementing each other to form a surreal setup.

Bhaat Ceremony & Carnival
A traditional ceremony with hints of a modern touch. The day saw some beautiful folk singing, family grooving & the exchanges of rituals followed by a colorful carnival that brought an element of joy with games & blaring tunes! 
The Jungle-Themed Sangeet

‘Presenting the King & Queen of the Jungle!’

A showstopper evening from start to finish packed with energetic performances, a couple that truly knew how to make an entry, Jungle themed artists & finally wrapping up the night with Qawaali.

A night that was roaring with celebratory madness!

How many flowers are too many flowers? A joyful Haldi colored in yellow, drenched in milk, showered in love, surrounded by good vibes and of course the DRUNK SQUAD!
Wedding & Varmala
Amidst the picturesque backdrop of the sea, the soul-stirring music set the tone for this nuptial ceremony. Puja, our stunning bride stole the show, capturing the hearts and attention of everyone in her oh so beautiful ensemble as she walked towards her happily ever after. A moment frozen in time, etched forever in our memory.”