Ishaan & Vidhi


All it took was once glance at a mall to strike an affair between our Punjabi groom & his Gujrathi wife and the rest is a fairy tale of a love story.

Welcome Mehendi

A moodboard dedicated to resemble the bride’s refreshing persona and charm in a sun-kissed venue with vibrant pops of color.


“Ain’t no party like a Punjabi party”

An island bar in the midst of a venue soaked with glitz and glamor much like the vibe of our Punjabi munda!


A heartwarming shower of love and blessings in a traditional and intimate hoorah/soiree brimming with bright yellow hues and carefree giggles.

Enchanted garden

An amalgamation of whimsical, ethereal floral scapes and romantic hues was our Bride’s vision that we brought to life which will be etched in our hearts forever.