Aashish & Chavi
About the Couple

“What started off as puppy love turned into a magical affair of a happily ever after”.

A union of not only two souls but two Cities! Breaking all stereotypes, our guests from Jaipur blended right in with our Southern ways!

Aashish and Chavi’s story is quite the testament to the power of young love. A three day extravaganza where Love, Bollywood and Alcohol took center stage. The wedding of these childhood sweethearts was nothing short of a Bollywood romance.


Inspired by the timeless charm of Pondicherry, An icebreaker carnival to beat the heat and kickstart the wedding festivities. A playful Mehendi brimming with colours, filmy accents, naach gaana and of course BEER PONG!


A night celebrating their soft corner for Bollywood, the stage was a take on the song ‘Girls Like to Swing’! A dhamakedaar evening filled with peppy performances, glamour and a statement single malt bar.

Elai Sapaad​

The Elai sapaad was packed with the entire south Indian trousseau. Inspired by the movie ‘Chennai Express’, the Royal Jaipuryas were graced by the authentic aromas of the cuisine and the vibrancy of the Mogras & Genda phool.


‘A match made in heaven’

Reminiscing how Aashish proposed to Chavi on their prom night, the nuptial ceremony was a striking affair filled with corsages, floral rains and a sea of mist by their feet giving an illusion of a match made in heaven which they undoubtedly are!